Auto Repossession LLC

Certified Asset Recovery Specialist

Auto Repossession, LLC is a licensed, bonded, insured, and certified Portland, Oregon, repossession company. Since 1984 we have been providing full-service repossessions in Oregon and SW Washington 365 days a year

Auto Repossession Hold Harmless Agreement

Auto Repossession, LLC excels in swift collateral recovery with our skilled skip tracers, utilizing advanced databases and local resources. Once located, we employ our well-maintained repo trucks with cutting-edge technology to ensure damage-free retrieval. Count on our expertise to handle a wide array of titled assets, including automobiles, vans, trucks, boats, R.V.s, trailers, limousines, yachts, motorcycles, mobile homes, semi-trucks, campers, tractors, snowmobiles, lawn equipment, and more. Trust us for secure and non-confrontational repossession services.


Why lien holders prefer Auto Repossession LLC

Each new order is run within 24 hours.
We work diligently with you on those difficult clients.
All orders get run multiple times at differing times of the day/night.
We will provide timely updates.
Immediate repossession requests honored.
Well-maintained equipment
Fast turnaround and competitive prices